Nintendo's mobile Mario game sets download record but pricing proves sticking point


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I don't think Nintendo want to devalue their IPs on mobile to 0.99c apps. Mobile gamers are used to paying nothing or 0.99c at most.

The complaints about the pricing it petty though. Whilst f2p gamers, especially in Japan have no qualms spending a lot on drawing premium characters and opening premium card packs -yet complain about buying the game after the first free 3 levels which gives you access to everything. Maybe if it wasn't a simple runner and more like an actual Mario platforming game then the criticism might of been less critical.

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I finished the game yesterday - and overall I found the finishing to be a major disappointment. Each level had five pink coins to get. Get those coins, and you can do the level again, getting five purple coins, then five green coins.

In other mario games, getting the special coins for all the levels resulted in in opening up bonus levels. So I went through the effort to get all three sets of coins for each level. I finished all the levels - and nothing. So there was no point in getting those special coins. It was just a cheap way for them to get you to do the level a few different times after completing it.

Final verdict - not worth the money. Better to buy a few other apps that total the 1200 yen price.

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Good review Strangerland. And props for finishing it before giving a review!

I'd love a two player version that would work offline!

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