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Nintendo's task: The Wii, again, more, better


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Nintendo should just about give up

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Nintendo is just too pricey on their hardware(too little tech for the price-tag). Compare the PSP with the 3DS in price-range, most people I know that got the 3DS hardly ever use 3D as it hurts their eyes and in many games is hardly noticeable.

Another thing that keeps people moving away from Nintendo is the range of game-titles too family and younger generation orientated, plus the really good titles are also released for other consoles.

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Nintendo should just about give up

I remember hearing that for years from the release of the N64 and the failure of the GameCube system. Nintendo came last in those two generations and I remember all that scorn and mockery thrown at Nintendo at the time. Especially the Wii when all the business analysts thought it was going to tank. Well Nintendo is having the last laugh right now and while I do not believe its runaway success can be repeated next generation, its newly found customer base and strong content delivery will undoubtedly attract consumers. I am one of the few Sony fans who is glad that the console is in last place, as the experience has humbled the company and incorporated younger talent such as Kaz Hirai capable of making better decisions focusing on gameplay and content delivery (They need to get their security updated though...).

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Nintendo is having the last laugh right now

What are you talking about? Wii hasn't sold well for about 2 years now, and 3DS is bombing

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Nintendo is just copying apple, colors, themes, even the names... I and We... now U...

No one wants 3D anything, it will die in 6 months... no one wants this either.

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Looks interesting, can see potential. May buy it, but I've been losing interest in console gaming over the last few years. Still, by percentage, Nintendo consistently makes the most enjoyable games I've ever played. The Zelda and Mario games are excellent, and usually set new standards in their respective genres. I'm more interested in portable gaming nowadays though, and I'll be getting myself a 3DS soon. Looking forward to it, the 3D effect looks good to me, just that most people don't seem to grasp that there's a slider to control the effect. Therefore they play with the setting too high, and feel ill afterwards.

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Here is the thing. Sony can already more or less match the features provided by the new controller with the PS Vita out end of this year - although they did it more or less by accident.

Play without a TV? You can already do that with the current PSP for certain games via Remote Play.

Touch Screen controls? PSV has a touch screen as well.

If you already have a PS3, there is no sense in buying the Wii U. Might as well get the PSV, a full blown handheld console, that does roughly the same thing - it might even work with existing games via patches or just out-of-the-box, rather than get a the brand new Wii U with it's tiny software library and questionable 3rd party support.

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Meh, the problem with videogames is the fanboys. People should just buy the console that has the games one likes.

Not everything is known about the Wii U, yet; and for sure, the idea around the controller is not just about being able to play without a TV. In fact, I can't really see that being an option on some games. The DS does have a touch screen too, and has been out for ages. Obviously so does the 3DS. I don't really get your point about the PSV.

"tiny software library and questionable 3rd party support." Also makes no sense, because the console isn't even out yet..

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not only do we want to bring back those people who have left Nintendo, we also want to create a new group of core users

I "left" Nintendo because the game library was boring. The Wii especially, seemed Gundam and Pokemon-centric, and I'm not in elementary school anymore.

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