Nissan says it is not in talks with Apple on self-driving cars


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Apple's finalists were Hyundai and VW. Japanese were never seriously considered by Apple due to a lack of a suitable Japanese EV platform to underpin Apple Car.

The industry followers contend Hyundai still is the favorite partner, after issuing its vague denial about not cooperating with Apple on "Self-driving cars" and VW CEO's dismissal of the Apple Car project. In other word, Hyundai just gave a cover story after Apple complaints of massive media publicity.

Hyundai and VW were two finalists for the Apple Car project because their EV platforms were the most advanced in the industry. Discussions with Nissan were never progressed beyond low-level meetings and never advanced to the point that required CEO level interactions like Hyundai and VW.

To understand why Apple initially settled on Hyundai's e-GMP platform as basis of Apple Car, read this.

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Let’s hope Nissan is not involved. Every project deserves a fair chance

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Let’s hope Nissan is not involved. Every project deserves a fair chance

Well, lets face it, who would want to do business with Nissan right now?

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They need a new hit? Then bring back my former Sunny Coupé No joke, that car has never made a problem, nothing to complain about. I fed it sometimes with a small bottle of oil additive and then my Autobahn fighter was like new again. Yes, they once built real cars, not toys or a self-driving phantasy.

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@samit Basu according to patent firms, Toyota has about 378000 High quality patents on BEV's from 2011-2019 which is more than double of that of Hyundai and Honda. In addition to this, Toyota has one of the highest patents in batteries. Just wait till the tokyo olympics. I can contradict your so called article with more than 3 reports of high profile news articles.

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Apple won't dare to approach either Toyota / Honda dude. I know Apple and Toyota both from Inside out.

"When you make a product under the Apple brand, you give your soul -- and your profit margins -- to Apple," the source said on condition of anonymity. "We are not interested in giving Apple the best that we offer. This should be under the Nissan brand."

i don't get it. why are you glorifying E-gmp platform? ford's mustang mach-e is way better than that.

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Thanks to God. otherwise I have to throw out my apple computer.

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@Sindhoor GK

 why are you glorifying E-gmp platform?

This is the most advanced EV platform in the mass-market price range.

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Incidentally I am now renting a car in the States and at the airport I had the choice of a small SUV made by Jeep, Ford, Buick, Mazda, Toyota or Nissan. Because no one was there, I sat in and looked at all of them. I decided on the Nissan Rogue. It was the most comfortable in the driver's seat and had good visibility. Driving it now for 2 weeks, I am very impressed and satisfied. I may even buy a Nissan in the future. They seem to be cars made for drivers.

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 I may even buy a Nissan in the future.

Don't buy Nissans. Their JATCO CVTs fail at around 100K miles.

RWD Nissans are fine, but avoid FWD Nissans like plague.

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@Samit basu. hold your horses. we're yet to see etnga platform.

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@reckless depends on the model. i'd recommend you to buy the manual versions of Nissan. Nissan is also planning to introduce carbon fibreparts in low end models too.if that's the case, i'd personally be more excited to drive nissan more than any other brand. the Ariya EV looks great too, waiting for 400z.

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Jatco CVT pre2014 CVTs demonstrated less than stellar reliability with common complaints including violent shaking, overheating, difficulty in accelerating but, the recent CVT's might be good. there's still not enough data to say that they' reliable. Jatco actually occupies about 38% of market share of CVT's(Not just Nissan). while, it's not known which other brands use Jatco CVT's i can say Nissan uses them as Jatco is a subsidiary of Nissan.

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if you wanna buy a nissan as a daily driver, i'd suggest you to wait for 2 years more. the upcoming Nissan models look fantastic. the current lineup of vehicles is meh.

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