Nissan shows tiny electric concept vehicle


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Actually looks like a copy of the SMART.

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This is handy because you can use it on a golf course and put it in a bag and take it on a train.

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Hmmm, I'm not convinced that once those electric vehicles become the norm it will actually improve our planet. Just think of the heavy elements used in production of the batteries etc. Some problems are solved but others pop ahead...

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It is not generally the use of lead, mercury (gas), cadnium but containment of said materials.

Lead in batteries can be and is recycled (good). Floride has few uses so they disperse it in water and dental products (bad).

Carbon acts like a filter and traps the mercury and other heavy metals. You use a ton of carbon (oil/coal) and these unwanted materials start accumulating. =By not using carbon (fuel) you are minimizing future use/storage of heavy metals that were taken out of the carbon to make the fuel.

China burning coal. =Lots of people with heavy metal/floride poisoning. -and of course some of that air pollution reaches Japan also.

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why do they bother with this kind of concept car? maybe make a car people will buy ?

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Concept vehicle? Zzzz. Wake me up when they develop a TRON lightcycle.

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I like the car and would actually buy it if I needed to commute or to run errands in limited geographical areas. The moment will come when people will realize that a heavy, energy consuming, air-polluting pile of metal and plastic is actually unnecessary. Cars have always been way underutilized; therefore, becoming a terrible investment compared with the damage they cause.

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too small and unsafe on today's roads.

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