No laps for warm laptops; skin damage is possible


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So.. a neu way to get a very old and once common skin problem. Oki so sitting something that is very warm on your lap for long periods of time (even if it is not painfully warm) can and will affect your skin.. oki thank you for telling us that.

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These victims sound very stupid to me. 125 degrees farenhait?? I hate all of these stupid words with crazy spelling, is way too hot to not notice your leg is getting burned, unless you have some sickness or no feeling in your legs??

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@elbudamexicano: Did you know that the average hot water temperature setting for a water heater is between 120 and 125 degrees F (about 50 degrees C)? If you were to suddenly get splashed with water that hot then it would hurt and scald you.. but what is being written about in the article is a gradual warming up to that heat.. if we allow ourselves time then we can become comfy with the hot water.. and even tho it will make our whole body bright red when we get out.. it was not painful when we were in the water ne? With the laptops, the heat slowly increases.. and we can become accustomed to it, especially if our concentration is on what we are doing with the laptop and not how warm it is slowly becoming.

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125F degrees is baby when compare to 100 degrees Celsius on a test with Core i7 MacBook Pro i read a while back.

100C won't only burn lap but it will burn hands too. lol what a point to call a laptop that you can not put on your lap? and what a point at all to buy it at all, if you can not use it because it get too hot for your hand to type a thing!

sorce : google for "Core i7-equipped MacBook Pro"

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