No. of Docomo Xi LTE service subscribers tops 3 million


NTT Docomo said Thursday that subscribers to Xi, its extra-high-speed LTE mobile service offering a maximum downlink of 75 Mbps, surpassed three million on June 8.

Xi launched on Dec 24, 2010 and reached one million subscribers on Dec 25, 2011. Subscriptions, which have continued to increase with the introduction of the first Xi-compatible smartphones in November 2011 and a series of popular marketing campaigns, recently surpassed the three million mark.

Docomo said it plans to continue strengthening customer satisfaction with new Xi-compatible smartphones, mobile Wi-Fi routers and other devices, as well as beneficial services, such as Xi Talk 24 for free, unlimited voice calls between Docomo users of Xi-compatible smartphones.

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I have this. The cross over between LTE and the usual data thing is pretty rough. Sometimes the net just drops out. NOT very good!

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I never have a problem with my data.. Im in Okinawa where LTE isn't everywhere just yet. I go back and forth from 3G to LTE alot, but it never drops my data.

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Docomo has slowly been reducing the 3G speeds to a sucky level, I stuck to 3G because there is no download cap but looks like docomo is gonan squeeze everyone onto LTE

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Moving over to the LTE side as soon as the SC-06D is out.

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I'm happier than a pig in mud with my softbank IPhone so no Docomo for me!!

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what they got wrong is that you can't switch off LTE reception to concerve battery life.... it keeps looking for lte signal draining all the power... failure big time...

au is getting lte service this year. it will be interesting to see how they will offer it.

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They may offer 75Mbps, but what do they provide?

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DoCoMo is fail since they messed up their chance at having the iphone. They are turning into another Sony.

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Call me old-fashioned, but who is on the Internet that long to care? If I use LTE or 3G for my stupid facebook app, or checking sport scores is it really going to matter?

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