No patch for human stupidity: hackers


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The oldest misconception in the book, that hackers are "elite" programmers. Mostly they're just persistent and good at exploiting well-documented and well-known bugs, and when that fails they just ask people for what they want to know. On average hackers are no brighter or better at computers than the average user.

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and if a hacker falls for a woman, she will own him

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Women seemed to be more security conscious

i imagine that for a woman to make it in the IT biz, she'd have to have eyes on the backs of her fingers...???

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No comment only a question . Can hackers change the world? Especially when they get organized and governments, law enforcements, internet security firms try to use them and rope them in their own hacking and data breaching programs?

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Best title ever :p

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Can hackers change the world? Especially when they get organized and governments, law enforcements, internet security firms try to use them and rope them in their own hacking and data breaching programs?

I do not believe this. Best hackers are mostly loners and even hack each other and hide from each other, how are they going to organize themselves in a group for a common purpose? I think they are antisocial and do not like to be organized and controlled, they hack for their own satisfaction, fun, revenge and wont obey governments to use them.

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I thought of the Anonymous and the LulzSec hacker groups. Anonymous is rather a civil disobedience group, though.

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I can punch you in the face and maybe break you nose, therefore you are stupid not to ware a motorbike helmet always...

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Hackers are not loners but I do not think they can change the world. Mainly because the type of person who is good at hacking is not the type of person who is good at organising. There is always a lot of infighting and rarely any singular direction. Even the Anon's got distracted from bringing down Scientology by the feeble wikileaks fiasco.

Wikileaks did exactly what the US gov. wanted them to do. Now large parts of the underground network got revealed, loads of good people arrested and extreme regimes like China, Korea, African nations all remain without any assistance from outside.

So hackers do very little but entertain.

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I think beside every great hacker there is one great woman who can make him or destroy him. Look at Wikileaks leader, I admire his skills but falling for a woman who said he raped her was a mistake....

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Women are naturally suspicious, they are wives and mothers.Send them a questionaire asking them to reveal thier age and its unlikely you will find them admitting they are over 21. Its a waste of time asking us what we realy paid for that handbag,our personal income or anything else that needs a direct answer. Personal information regarding ourselves our families or our employers in most cases is sanctum, push the point and we smell a rat

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"We call back and get a guy on the phone and we get everything we want"

Guys are dumb compared to girls.

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@LoveNot 04:00PM JST

@bsosaka 07:46PM JST

Interesting points, thanks for making them.

I know very little about hackers and hacking technique but seeing how tendentiously the hacking grew in the past few years I was just thinking whether there are grater motives in the background behind them, or whether bad guys are capable of creating a new, worse or better, word simply by breaking the fragile balance when all our life is on the net.

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Guys have to feed their egos and prove how bright they are by yacking too much. There are times when it is better to keep silence. Glad to know how safe my data is though. Probably time to get rid of the facebook login to JT....speaking of wearing a motorcycle helmet...

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no patch for criminals, low life, scum, etc

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I can talk in circles around any square. :-)

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