Not at home? Amazon wants to come in and drop off packages


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We have locks on doors for a reason. What will Amazon's liability be, if for example, the door isn't closed properly, or another person tailgates the Delivery person and steps in. And on an apartment block, this wont really help, unless Amazon has the keys to the front gate. Doubtful it will take off in Japan.

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let people allow the door to be unlocked when they're not there so packages can be left inside.

haha good luck with that!

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That article is about a service being introduced overseas nothing Japan?

Seen many articles here like this when they talk about changes to franchises and services overseas.

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Considering you can just get stuff delivered to the local convenience store and pick it up on the way home, I don't really see this being necessary.

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Another article with no real relation to today in Japan. Maybe a useful service in the US where they leave packages on the doorstep but not here in Japan, where we have to sign for receipt of most packages and have options such as convenience store or locker box pickup etc.

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How long before a delivery person walks into an 'empty' house, puts down the package and then gets shot by the sleep-befuzzled nightshift worker who heard strange noises coming from downstairs?

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intrusive media the next thing. Social media "scores" like China. Then control after that. Scary world, thanks Boomers

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Some people's packages are stolen right on their front porches - this may be useful for them

The Wi-Fi door lock is supposed to alert the owner's smartphone when the Amazon delivery person unlocks the door, then the Wi-Fi security camera turns on to live-stream and record the video, and then on exit the Wi-Fi door lock again alerts the owner if the door locks properly

They should really combine this with the Ring Wi-Fi video/2-way audio doorbell - so when the delivery person rings the doorbell first, the owner already gets alerted even before the door is opened (and can even see and converse with the delivery person to ascertain that person is who he/she is)

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They should come up with an unmovable container which could be large enough to hold reasonably sized packages for every household with outside access and cameras. Then they could use Amazon Key without having to enter one's home. The container could be placed right outside the residence or built into a wall with inside access as well.

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Many companies in Japan already offer boxes you can rent just for deliveries, either at home or at a close by shop for private residencies.

My last Apartment also had drop-off boxes(various sizes) delivery guy drops it in, locks it, gets stamped from box, drops paper with electronic key in mailbox.

Again this is not an article about Japan.

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