NTT Docomo to lower large data usage fees under gov't pressure


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will lower monthly charges for its large data usage plans by up to 1,000 yen ($9.6) from April in a move that comes amid pressure from the government to cut mobile phone fees.

Low price data plan still made it to the news in Japan, after more than 10 years of the first smart phone being introduced in the world. It just shows that mobile data plans still overprice in Japan.

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I pay about ¥1500 a month for my iPhone 12 and my internet connection for home usage with IIJMIO. Amazingly cheap.

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me too! About 1,500 yen per month for usage, bought my own sim-less card at Big Camera, and I've never looked back. It always switches to wi-fi at work and at home.

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Prime Minister Yoshihide Suga ... has demanded major wireless carriers cut their fees

Terrible policy move, which will stifle any inclinations towards competition that may have existed before.

People pay for mobile phone contracts where they see they gain from the deal, and the phone company operators are within their rights to also benefit from the deal.

This government meddling in price setting can do no good in the bigger scheme of things.

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It just shows that mobile data plans still overprice in Japan.

See the subsequent comments. There were already cheap options in Japan.

What incentive do such competitors have if the government is to then come in and tell their competitors to reduce their prices? Iijmio is probably not going to be thanking them, I would guess.

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The cheaper options only started a few years back as well.

The problem with some of these "contracts" that people are stuck with tend to be a multi service bundle with TV and fixed line Internet.

It is good that this is being accessed lots of other countries have the same issues as infrastructure do not allow foreign competition leading to this possible "price fixing" amongst the monopoly vendors.

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Wishful thinking these new subscribers. With an ever declining population and less expats ?

I will cancel two of my phone subscriptions when the contracts are up for renewal in June next year.

I don’t need more, I need less.

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Still a rip-off compared to all other developed countries.

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Advertisers will benefit, since we will all be inundated with high bandwidth "Videoverts" whenever we browse web pages.

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At somepoint, we may end up with the "Max HeadRoom" style of Blipverts.... (now I wonder how many readers here remember that TV Series!) SciFi has its benefits of predicting a possible future... forewarning us of the pitfalls if unattended to.

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(now I wonder how many readers here remember that TV Series!)

We do-do-do-do-dododododo-don't!

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