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NTT Docomo to lower mobile phone fees amid call for charge cuts


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Maybe, but the big three are actually serious about lowering their fees as they are worried that Rakuten will hurt heir profits once they enter the mobile market next year.

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seanwd20, I think you mean "when Rakuten rolls out their own network" as they are already in the market now

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We will lower our price .00002 percent to stay competitive. Thats a Japanese company in a nut shell.

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The decision comes after Chief Cabinet Secretary Yoshihide Suga said in August that mobile phone charges in Japan should be reduced by 40 percent

Doesn't this demand go against the government's 2% inflation target?

It's still cheaper for my son to call Japan from the UK using his mobile than it is for us to make a call in Japan using our mobile.

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Docomo screws everyone... you can get 60gigs of data a month for the same price as 7 in Japan.

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I use Docomo reseller Mineo with SIM free phones. Great value.

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