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NTT, Fujitsu tie up over next-generation networks beyond 5G


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 advance the development of next-generation networks beyond 5G and gain a competitive edge.

Beyond 5G? They still haven't rolled out 5G. How are you wasting time and money looking towards the next step when you haven't begun or completed the current? How about making 4G affordable as well. Looking ahead when they can't even get past the starting line.

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Exactly! Wtf are we so behind?

China is working on 6G.

S. Korea already has 5G. They even won contracts overseas when Huawei collapse because of U.S.A pressure.

What the heck is Japan doing anymore?? Sad.

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@JJ Jetplane stop wining, get yourself a 5G compatible smartphone and then complain.

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@Sindhor GK

Jetplane stop wining, get yourself a 5G compatible smartphone and then complain.

I have a 5G compatible smartphone directly from Docomo. I also have their overpriced 5G plan that is unlimited internet. Docomo also tells you, except a few small places in Tokyo and one block in Umeda, Osaka, they don't have 5G service. I've been with Docomo for 5 years. So I know what I am talking about. The 5G in Osaka doesn't work because of the traffic activity in Umeda you service slows down tremendously.

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They are behind because they need someone else to develop tech first, from either the US, Europe or Japan.

You can't believe the propaganda that is pitched by anti-chinese sentiment.

According to the US government site on patents. Uspto

China has filed over 37,000 tech related patents, the US 27000, and Japan 4000 over the past 3 years. It shows how quickly China is advancing in the tech world.

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