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Nvidia's profit soars, underscoring its dominance in chips for artificial intelligence


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These CEOs dress like dorks at these presentations.

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Good for them. This Huang fella knows what he's doing.

How is how they dress important?

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They really cashing in on the AI buzzword craze and investors having no clue what it is. It won’t be a significant jump from the products being made now but toss in the phrase “ai cores” and you can increase the price by 30%easy

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These CEOs dress like dorks at these presentations.

The geeks have inherited the earth

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Good on him for being able to navigate Wall st and get a P/E double that of Apple. I'm certainly not going to cry for the Wall st types that went all in on AI stocks when the bubble finally burst.

IMHO, even if you accurately predict growth rate and earnings over the next 10 years (what it takes for the company to actually delivers the value priced into the stock atm), there's no guarantee AMD, Qualcomm, or Intel won't catch up.

Then there's TSMC (who makes the chips for NVDA) and the China/US risk.

Amazon is a much safer AI bet, or even Tesla.

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