New York to rein in AI hiring tools


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But some AI experts and digital rights activists are concerned that it doesn’t go far enough to curb bias, and say it could set a weak standard for federal regulators and lawmakers to ponder as they examine ways to rein in harmful AI applications that exacerbate inequities in society.

Imagine how much worse it could be if they adopted the Japanese HR policies of always attaching a "recent photo" of "professional quality".

Machine learning would screen for any expression of arch sarcasm or disdain for this whole rat race.

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Well, the hiring software that's used by all online job sources, such as ziprecruiter and indeed and not actually AI. It's a simple filtering system. A system that fails miserably.

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Some years ago for grins one of my co-workers applied for another position with our employer by simply copying and pasting the required skills into the on-line resume. He was contacted almost immediately for an interview! I don't know how much real AI is going on in these automatic screening programs. Most of it seems to be a key word search. I can owe my present employment as much to my education and experience as to spending time tailoring my resume to use as many of the words used in the job description so it would be picked up by the screening software. Either way, all that does it get you to the interview. You still have to impress someone at the interview, or not :/

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unless a yearly bias audit can show they won’t discriminate based on an applicant's race or gender.

Wait, does this include White people too or only "POC"?

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Wait, does this include White people too or only "POC"?

A bachelors degree in something useful and a positive attitude go a long way in this world.

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That makes no sense, because you then don’t need that algorithm or just can append that reining in as a final and decisive or overwriting part of the algorithm. In fact, you don’t need the whole AI then anymore. If 1 plus 1 per common sense always equals 2, but your official political correct policy now only accepts 3 as an outcome, then just define it wrongly as 3 and spare us all the calculation process of 1 plus 1. lol

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AI will always be faster and more accurate given a task. But the question will always be; Is it more beneficial?

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