Ocean power: A green option failing to make waves

By Sandra Ferrer and Mariëtte Le Roux

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The problem is that the world's superpowers are fighting over things that we can actually live without (like 5G) rather than things we actually need (like Ocean power). The amount of resource that they are pouring into useless stuff like AI machines that constantly monitor you ...well, those resources can be put into renewal energy.

But as usual, money talks.

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Some governments might even consider this economic terrorism since it takes jobs away from people and undermines the repayment of the huge infrastructures the oil and other energy companies have invested. Banks have priority #1.

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There are only few places where tidal plants can be built, so this is not a not exactly a global solution.

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Carbon dioxide to energy plants would both give us power and clean the air.

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Tidal generates electricity. Electricity makes hydrogen. Hydrogen ships anywhere, and could replace the entire hydro-carbon economy. Ideal when your generator is sat in salted water.

Generations can be fitted anywhere these a flow. No need for tidal barrages which, it has to be said, have their own problems.

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If tidal barriers were left open on the weekends for two days a week, surely that would allow Nature some breathing space.

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Japan needs to make use of the tidal technology.

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Very nice clean energy .

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