Olympic athletes inspire robotic zen garden in Tokyo

By Natsuko FUKUE

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Nice ‘showcase’ of robotics potential.

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Now, get to work on solving some ‘real world’ problems …

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… and leave artistic interpretations to the human mind. AI is not needed to tell us what is ‘inspirational’.

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The genuine joy is when created by a human/person and viewed by a human/person. Creating by AI is not an achievement by any standards.

A painting made by AI? No thank you!

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Better still, … how about these corporate sponsors, using some of that highly acute, visually sensitive AI & robotics money and tech to ‘draw fleeting Olympic pictures in sand’, spending some money on useful applications, like inside school buses and danger zones around schools to protect & save Japan’s children? Give back to the taxpayers what they contributed for Your Games

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A garden with no grass, no flowers, just concrete, gravel, and metal machines burning up the earth's precious resources. If that is "zen", I'll pass thanks.

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The contrast between human history and art in Ueno park and modern technology is so cool!

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Interesting @zichi & @Tokyo-m, those critiquing/criticizing this ‘tech’ are downvoted, yet those acknowledging it/praising it are ‘upvoted’.

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Makes one consider ‘how much’ more A. I. is “at work” here, daily?

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I'd be more impressed if the designers had had the sense of irony to design those arms to look like syringes, given the current rate of infection in Tokyo.

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And that is exactly the way to make everything the same, unitary, empty, bland. Overengineering things.

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While the name "The Constant Gardeners" no doubt comes from John Le Carré's novel, I was reminded of the Head Gardener character in Iain M Banks' novel The Algebraist. To those knocking AI, the Head Gardener was a sentient droid in a society where such things were persecuted and exterminated. He seemed a very nice droid indeed.

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This is the different between western and eastern mindset.

The east sees beauty in technology.

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Just a few meters away the local skateboarders display their moves (inspired by olympics) but they get chased away by the police. Why not give them some space ....

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