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One giant step: Moon race hots up


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”Hot up” is chiefly British English.

You are correct Asiaman7, thanks and I thought I was familiar with most Anglicisms.

Wonder if it is of recent coinage.

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One giant step: Moon race hots up

@dagon: Pointing out the error in the title is somehow "off topic".

”Hot up” is chiefly British English.




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It's hard to feel supportive of a nation executing its neighbors in the streets. That whole thing drags down accomplishments like this. Now these scientists can't have their glory, because everyone knows it was Russia.

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Since when is "hot" a verb? Extremely poor wording for a headline.

It's an intransitive verb in this case, 'to hot up'.

Not sure why people seem to be struggling with it. Maybe they need to cool down.

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If there is water on the moon then the scientific meanings are greater. Like Mars once had cold and hot seasons.

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I couldn't care less if they put people on the moon again.

These countries can go ahead and spend billions of dollars of much needed money on their need to feed their state ego rather than the people of their nations for their immediate humanitarian and quality of life needs.

I look at the moon in the night sky and feel the power and the beauty of it on my evening walks. No need for people to be walking on it.

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I, for one, can't wait to look up at the moon and see lights. Knowing there are people up there doing amazing work and pushing mankind forward is the natural flow of intelligent species evolution, and I am sure that soon enough humanoid robots with intelligent AI will be joining them in mining the moon and creating habitats for people to stay in. I hope average people in my lifetime will be able to travel there just as people now can travel to other parts of the world for vacation. How exciting that would be! God speed!

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I wonder what is worth such a moneywaste up there... just water?..

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Update - Roscocmos just announced that Luna 25 will land on the moon on August 21.

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May as well just shoot a billion dollars in the sky and blow it up. Getting to mars is the one mankind should be working to, not a dead rock..

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LUNA 25 launch broadcast is live now. About 42 mins to launch (I think). The water vapor clouds are swirling around the Soyuz rocket indicating it's fuelled.

It can be viewed on RT and other channels.

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YouTube: Roscosmos TV also has a live broadcast.


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Blast off!

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That was brilliant. The downward pointed cameras attached to the rocket give an amazing perspective.

Afterwards on the Roscosmos TV broadcast they put on a rock-jazz-band for a live concert-song complete with saxophone and the works. In the background of the stage was the famous photo of a smiling Yuri Gagarin holding a dove. The comments section went bananas, with many Indians and people from all over positively commenting.

Reports are still coming in that everything went smoothly.

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Since when is "hot" a verb? Extremely poor wording for a headline.

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