Online gaming booms as virus lockdowns keep millions at home


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The story only shows the demand/consumption side. In Japan investment is necessary for structural reforms on the supply side. Teleworking and online education should be encouraged and supported.

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If there is any economic bright side to this virus spreading around the world, its the online services, like gaming and streaming sites that provide a huge variety of things for people to spend time on when alone

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I've seen plenty of used Mah Jong games for sale at those 2nd hand stores.... myself, I bought a Cribbage Board. If the internet were to go down it will back to manual style "analog", type games.

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@expat - Yes!

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Kids are playing online games and watching youTube videos during the day... it's hammering the internet providers capacity.

Vendors such as Amazon, Disney, and Netflix have done their bit to reduce streaming quality... but we're back to the old discussion now of who pays for the Streaming bandwidth capability, which was raised a couple of years ago... and now... is in the forefront. The Internet is creaking at its seams.

If anyone denies this, then they are downright uninformed.

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The Internet is creaking at its seams.

It’s still holding up well. I’m getting transfer speeds on data no different than before this started. People are still using the Internet world wide.

It’s put a higher burden on the resources but hardly ‘cracking ar the seams’ whatever that would mean in Internet terms.

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