OnlyFans reverses sexually explicit content ban

By Katy Lee

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They should have stuck with banning this stuff, it only makes losers of people, the women who think its empowering as a side gig & then complain when they lose their day jobs(ie they get found out), the severe damage done to their kids(when mom gets found out) & the stupidity of men who simp for this crap...

Since there is a ton of free stuff online guys please be smart dont be sucked into something like onlyfans & ladies think about what happens when you get found out(or forget to pay your taxes!) .....

OF creates mostly losers, people should smarten up.

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Good news. I was worried about losing my side revenue.

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Banks and fintech like paypal have no right to behave as censors in this manner. Stop treating consenting adults like children.

As for their reputations, I consider my bank to have shredded its reputation when it closed so many of its branches whilst running an ad campaign promising customers that it was 'there for them'.

The pressure people have been under courtesy of the pandemic may be being released in strong pushbacks against petty, manipulative restrictions being imposed on them in other areas of their lives.

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I have a lot of sympathy for GW's opinion. OF isn't the only form of temptation out there, but it is an unhealthy one. While some people may use OF income to finance a law degree, an ecohouse, or some other worthy cause, they will be vastly outnumbered by those using it for easy money. Even at the high end where it can be good money and little degradation, selling yourself messes with your ego and sense of self-worth. Anyone attractive enough to get good money on OF will be attractive enough to be preferentially employed in lots of regular jobs, some of which also pay well. Good-looking people generally get on well in real life too.

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I expected something would spring up in their place. I'm guessing they realized the same thing.

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I believe in personal liberty and the right of consenting adults to pursue their own idea of sex. Why not just spin out the portion of the platform and have it only for sexual content?

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How popular is OnlyFans in Japan, I really hope not.

I'll take JAV over OnlyFans.

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It's weird that people knowing you posted erotic material can "ruin" your reputation. I don't see anything harmful with displays of nudity or sexuality. It would be nice if our culture would modernize a bit. With this deep fake stuff coming out now, anyone could have pornographic material with "their face" show up on the internet.

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GW — you make an argument based totally outside of reality. Nobody posting explicit content on onlyfans is concerned about loosing their day job.

I am a firm believer that anyone who uses “simp” in an argument deserves immediate disqualification. SMH

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How about society rejecting hedonism and moving away from the promotion of pornography? Tobacco is addictive. So is porn.

With every photo, dopamine is released, and with more and more porno comes more and more bursts of dopamine being released…for awhile. As time goes on, however, pornography users need more and more photos to get the same feeling. And that is the trap.

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but the site is also used by everyone from students to grandparents looking to supplement their income by sharing raunchy images

As usual, I'm late to the game.

How about society rejecting hedonism and moving away from the promotion of pornography? Tobacco is addictive. So is porn.

By some definitions, breathing is also addictive. What are you suggesting? Will it make me feel good?

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The banning thing was a marketing ploy to make headlines.

They never intended to keep the ban permanent.

It worked, business is booming.

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