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OpenAI's Johansson gaffe pushes voice cloning into spotlight

By Joseph BOYLE

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We can expect even more such issues from AI. Soon, no one will be able to tell AI from the real nor be able to keep it out of human daily life. AI is becoming scary and it will become scarier and scarier as it is developed with no or little control.

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How about using actors that sound like people. After Trudeau became the PM of Canada, the official voice of Government of Canada videos sounded very, very much like Justin Trudeau, down to the lisp. That voice was used in everything, from how to pay taxes and how to book a camp site at a national park.

It was an actor, but for many naive folks, they probably thought it was Justin.

The point is that even without using AI, by hiring the right voice actor, it has been pretty easy to fool people for a long, long, time.

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