OpenAI CEO suggests international agency like U.N.'s nuclear watchdog could oversee AI


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 intelligence poses an “existential risk” to humanity, a key innovator warned during a visit to the United Arab Emirates 

The existential risk to oligarchic wealth and a post scarcity system is what has the UAE and others worried.

Altman thinks his idea can placate the oligarchs and preserve humanity.

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Altman needs to LOOK LIKE he is saving the world but what he is REALLY AFTER is regulation and criminal legislation that protects the Microsoft hegenomy over ai and cripples any real competition.

Make no mistake about it folks this is a hundred TRILLION $$$ emerging field do you seriously think this charade is about YOUR SAFETY??

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The USG will not let anyone outside the USG control US tech. They are taking back control from GAFA to keep it, not to cede it to an international quango that they might not control.

Expect state control of tech to end the global internet much more quickly than you might have expected. In the name of public safety etc.

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I wonder about the practical considerations for this kind of oversee, how is Altman suggesting this can be done realistically? even the UN nuclear vigilance is extremely limited and difficult.

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Ultimately, the idea of an international agency overseeing AI raises important questions about the balance between innovation and regulation, the role of governments and industry, and the global cooperation needed to address the challenges and opportunities presented by AI.

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