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OpenAI to launch anti-disinformation tools for 2024 elections


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OpenAI to launch anti-disinformation tools for 2024 elections

I wonder if it will effect CNNFOXMSNBCCIAFBI?

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the World Economic Forum warned in a report released last week.

You mean the "we penetrate the cabinets" people? https://youtu.be/SjxJ1wPnkk4

could undermine newly elected governments in major economies

You know what else could undermine governments? Hint: They penetrate cabinets.

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Decide for yourself what is true or not.

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Spot on Jeffy.

Harari said last week, "The common person has never participated in academic discussions and miss too much of the context needed to understand politics, economics, and diplomacy. That is the reason we are in our positions to use our positions to help filter what the people need to know, not what they want to know."

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Decide for yourself what is true or not.

Problem is, so many people are not capable of that.

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That's complete and pure nonsense, because only a very few people make their election decision completely dependent from an AI text output or generated pictures. And within that extremely small group again fewer who get in contact with faked data, again some tend to one or the other faked faction, so that the resulting very very small bias in relation to all voters in a society has no or no significant influence on the voting results. You can compare that 'serious AI problem' with calculating PI with millions of digits after the decimal point, which is also absolute useless nonsense.

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The risks there are quite serious - it goes way beyond just undermining elections - and I'm really skeptical that OpenAI's self regulation is going to do anything about it.

The technology is evolving so quickly that in the very near future (likely within the next 5 years, maybe less) the next generation of AI is basically going to be a machine that anyone can access and use to make any image, video or text that they want which it will be largely impossible for your average person to distinguish that it was made with AI.

At the moment we basically rely on most people having functioning BS detectors to weed out fake information. This is enabled because its relatively easy to spot and identify since the technology isn't quite there yet. Yet even in this environment we are struggling because not everybody has a BS detector, or they choose to ignore it when they see something they like.

When the technology reaches a given stage though, even the most well refined BS detector is going to be useless.

I mean, look at the comments on JT here as an example. 2 years ago I had no doubt that I was reading text that a person had typed when I read them. Today I'm confident the vast majority are, but every now and then I'll read a comment and wonder if it was produced by ChatGPT. Fortunately ChatGPT isn't able to perfectly mimick humans yet so there are usually tell tale signs, or at the very least its a question of whether a given comment is written by ChatGPT or if it was just poorly written by someone who doesn't seem to follow the flow of discussions well and I'll probably just ignore it anyway. In the near term though ChatGPT will probably have ironed those issues out and it'll be impossible for us to tell if we are reading comments written by a human or by an AI.

If we don't figure out how to deal with this, the stakes are huge. The internet will no longer be a useful means for the communication of information once it gets flooded with easy-to-make fakes, and OpenAI just saying "we won't allow it to be used for political campaigning" isn't going to cut it. Our whole civilization over the past 30 years has become entirely dependent on the existence of the internet as a means of communications, we can't afford to lose it.

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I wonder what OpenAi would have come up with in relation to the HunterBiden Laptop disinformation that occurred in 2020 election. Would it have fell in line with the true disinformation that came out of the FBI, big tech and liberal media suggesting that the story was false and the laptop did not exist? Sadly, its been shown that OpenAI already has a BIAS so we already know the answer.

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Decide for yourself what is true or not.

Problem is, so many people are not capable of that.

Capable or not, it is our right and responsibility, not the right and responsibility of the elites, many of whom I would say are equally not capable or worse deliberately biased.

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ChatGPT maker OpenAI has said it will introduce tools to combat disinformation ahead of the dozens of elections this year in countries that are home to half the world's population.

Well, I for one feel reassured that our IT overlords are looking out for our welfare!


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Problem is, so many people are not capable of that.

So… you prefer non-democratic systems instead?

Democracy is not perfect - elections produce good governments less than half the time… but democracy is still the cleanest of all the dirty shirts, don’t you think?

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The 2016 'elections' were an elaborate setup done by Russian cyberpunks. Blog channels would instantly put up instant lies and fascist propaganda, many of them very racist and xenophobic. I even remember seeing an instant posting about North America originally being inhabited by (European) whites, then exterminated by (Red) Native Americans therefore requiring that the continent be 'white again'. Total bull.

And the same lies applied to the 'border crisis/invasion' by an epithet I won't print here.

There's been improvements in internet screening and AI. But the damage has been done, look what the trump dictatorship did to America. Our whole nation and its democracy has been raped.

Welcome to the era of cyberpunk. It's not just a sci-fi genre anymore.

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Disinformation is a huge risk to democracies. Be careful where you get your news. Seek out unbiased reporting and avoid liars running for office. Never vote for a known liar.

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For fun, I asked an AI engine a question about Trump's truthfulness. You can see the results: https://iask.ai/?mode=question&options[detail_level]=detailed&q=is+donald+trump+a+liar%3F

The answer wouldn't call him a liar. It did say

Based on these authoritative sources, it is evident that President Trump made a significant number of false or misleading statements during his time in office. While it is not possible to definitively label him as a liar, the overwhelming evidence from these credible sources suggests that he has a history of making false or misleading claims.

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AI put disinformation on steroids to such an extent I think only AI can fix it. God help us.

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Trump is by far the better candidate as Biden hasn’t a clue anymore and Harris is not an option.

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It would be interesting to ask the same question of Biden, as he has told some outrageous porkies himself.

The first one that springs to mind is how he cut the deficit in half!

Of course, I have no doubt the orange guy has told his share too.

But some of the things I see people saying about Trump if he becomes President (again…) are wild.

We could come back in 2029 and have a good giggle about it all.

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Of course, I have no doubt the orange guy has told his share too.

All candidates make "mistakes" in their live speeches. That's human. We make allowances and the honest candidates issue a correction. Not Trump. He will keep saying the same incorrect thing, over and over and over. Each time, he shows a level of stupidity that grows.

Trump is known for daily, constant, lying. He'd keep saying the same lie over and over and over, even after he was told he was wrong. Also, it would attack individuals over and over and over with lies. Just look at his bogus claims against every lawyer, prosecutor and judge doing their job to bring charges and hold trials to determine his innocence or guilt.

With Biden, as soon as he learns that is was incorrect, he'd stop saying it.

I like not having to be shocked daily with 5 new lies by my President. More than anything else, this is my reason I've never voted for Trump and never will. In 2016, I was in a terrible situation - I couldn't for for Clinton nor could I vote for Trump.

After seeing how Trump has destroyed America during Covid - I honestly think he was the direct cause of 600K more American deaths due to his lies - combined with his other lies and pettiness, I was forced to vote for a Democrat just to get sanity back in the POTUS. Trump is insane.

The Republicans who follow his style of outrageous lying are off my list too.

I expect more from my elected officials. I expect them to look out for individuals, who have done nothing wrong, who can easily be overrun by the USGovt. Trump sees personal loyalty as more important than loyalty to the US Constitution. Heck, Trump doesn't even know how the USGovt is designed to work - he seems to have never seen the cartoons that explain it. Remember Schoolhouse Rock Cartoons - Trump doesn't.

When Trump ended the CDC from handling COVID and moved all health communications over to his "buddy" in the FDA, that's when I decided Trump was useless. That was my turning point.

I want my President to be doing work for me, not embarrassing me, not having petty squabbles with individuals or countries to get his way, and certainly not cozying up to dictators. Trump was adversarial towards other countries that help the US to fight evil in the world.

Trump is unfit for any office. He is a liar. I won't vote for any liar. Period. A vegetable would be better as President than Trump.

Trump is only about Trump. Nobody else. He doesn't care about America, our friends, partnerships. He just cares about what can make him personally more money. It is so sad to see Americans sucked into his lies.

Hopefully, AI will fact check everything that Trump posts and speaks, in real-time so we can see how many lies he does "live".

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