Original Apple computer built by Jobs and Wozniak to be auctioned


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Steve Wozniak designed and built them by hand.

Jobs, of course was the business partner - both he and Wozniak sold off things to have the money to buy the parts. But Jobs did not "build" anything.

This is rewriting history with a myth that they both "hand-built" them.

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Larr Flint,

…they collect too much personal information.

I will be switching to some other brand I suppose.

Please let me know if you were able to find such brand.

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Larr Flint

Wow very interesting, however, my interest in APPLE went down recently as they collect too much personal information.

Really, like what personal information are they collecting? Because, they pretty much don't collect anything. That's their thing. And especially, do you know that every other tech firm does collect PI?

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We are in on the bidding. Lovely wood!

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We are in on the bidding. Lovely wood!

That is just so amusing. The price might reach $1 million.

That would be quite the Apple tax :)

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looks like sodai gomi to me, why would anyone other than a museum want it?

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This is very interesting and vintage collection of Apple, it seems like that. I wanna take it as I saw this in:

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