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Osaka Gas begins operation of wind farm in Wakayama

By Sousuke Kudou

Gas and Power Co Ltd, a wholly-owned subsidiary of Osaka Gas Co Ltd, has started commercial operation of a wind power plant with an output of 26MW in Inami-cho, Wakayama Prefecture.

For the plant, Inami Wind Power Plant, 13 units of Hitachi Ltd's 2,000kW-class wind turbine were installed. The lengths of its blade and support post are 42 meters and 78 meters, respectively.

Mitsui E&S Engineering Co Ltd provided construction services for the plant. The power producer of the plant is Mitsui Inami Wind Power Generation KK, which is owned 95% by Gas and Power and 5% by Mitsui E&S Engineering.

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A wind farm of 26 MW can be expected to generate about 50 billion kWhrs of electricity per year.

Japan consumes about 934 billion kwh of electricity.

Therefore, this wind farm will likely produce about 50/934, or 5% of the electricity used in Japan.

Wind farms cannot generate all of the electricity that a country uses, but they are a lot cleaner than coal or LNG, and a lot safer than nuclear energy.

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26,000 kW 365 days 24 hrs = 228 million kWhrs per year and that is if they operate at rated capacity all the time, which doesn't and won't happen. Throw in a generous capacity factor of 40% and it becomes 91 million kWhrs per year.

91/934,000 or 0.000097% of the electricity used in Japan

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91/934,000 or 0.000097%

I think that should be 0.0097%

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I think that should be 0.0097%

Thank you for the correction.

It was late and I was tired, forgot to multiply by 100 to make it a percentage.

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Why bother, the earlier article says we’re going full nuclear come hell or high water.

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It was late and I was tired and with one eye opened I could read and comprehend that the article was about opening and starting a windpark..

There's no mention of this park being the first and also last windpark in Japan so all this silly calculations make no sense :)

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