Panasonic, Tesla to build big U.S. battery plant


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Build it near new Bridgestone plant, Aiken.

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I wish it were a couple years ago. Maybe they would have acquired A123 Battery for pennies on the dollar instead of China. Another technology boost for China. And US taxpayer loss.

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I am encouraged by this news. This is the sort of thing we need, if we are ever to reverse global warming.

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One thing though: the battery packs being built at this plant may NOT be the current lithium-ion technology battery packs we're familiar with found on cellphones and other portable electronic devices. It may be a new generation of dry-electrode lithium-ion batteries that may use graphene sheets as part of its construction, which may result in far higher storage density, making it possible to increase the per charge range of Tesla automobiles by 100% or more.

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Raymond Chuang

I don't think Panasonic retains the patent and Sekisui Chemicals announced recently that it will take them until 2016 to provide commercial version of the graphene sheet partation batteries.

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Nevada, Arizona, Texas, New Mexico and California are in the running.


It seems that new plant will be in warm/hot state. Not in Northern location. Land costs in So. Calif. are very expensive. So, one of other states will capture this bonanza business. Which one of these four have no business income tax???

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The Reno, Nevada site is the farthest along, as Tesla has already cleared the land and mostly completed the construction pad for a facility there. At this point, it's up to the governor and the state legislature.

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