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Panasonic to abandon consumer smartphones


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This news saddens me. It just shows, companies like NEC or Panasonic need people with fresh ideas, and they have decided to ignore that fact and leave the huge opportunity.

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Not sure why it is sad, unless you know someone getting laid off or something. When companies fail to anticipate the market, they are forced to adjust. How many Japanese electronics-makers have now left the keitai biz? Off the top of my head - Sharp, Kyocera, NEC, Fujitsu and now Panasonic. Elsewhere Motorola, Nokia and Blackberry are pretty farked, too.

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I look forward to a day when nobody makes, or uses, smartphones, and people are left with no means of voice communications except via land lines in their living rooms (or bedroom extensions) at home.

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Meguroman How many Japanese electronics-makers have now left the keitai biz? Off the top of my head - Sharp, Kyocera, NEC, Fujitsu and now Panasonic. I don't think Sharp and Fujitsu have left or are looking into leaving the Smartphone business. Kyocera also are still in the business check any au shop.

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That sucks. All my phones have been Panasonic :(

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Without innovations the same fate will occur to other parts of the industry. The fact that a big part of the J-industry relies on "Made in Japan" sticker to sell their products domestically have made them weak. So next time you choose to buy something for the sole reason it is made here, think again. If you are a foreigner and can not comprehend this, look around.

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Farewell, Lonesome George!

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Reallity is that Japan is an internally over protected market for their own companies....but nowadays you need to be a global company to be competitive and they are struggling to do so....why?

Before NTT and others would buy phones from them at unreasonable prices just to make it all "Made in Japan", so they got used to be oversized/not optimized/not efficient companies....until other global brands like Samsung or Apple entered the japanese market and made them not competitive enough to this new reallity....and instead of restructuring to become competitive, they prefer to drop businesses one after the other until there is nothing left...

Black future for japanese tech companies....seems to me that only Sony and few others are really trying...

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Come on boys and girls, don't disappoint me.......K.M.

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Shi Yuehan,

Too many boys and (and too few girls) were too blinded by KM's analogue era 'wisdom' to cope with the digital age.

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They've got to stop waiting so long after other companies have come up with great ideas or, as usual, they'll be left in the dust and operating at a loss on the products. They'll never gain any ground if they come in too late, even when they demand that all employees use only their own products.

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My wife has a panasonic lumix phone, it's ugly, and has battery issues. Only the Lumix camera on it is any good. You can't turn out mediocrity in such a competitive market.

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The problem is the over reliance on big business. There are too many big electronic companies in Japan. They needs to merge or be taken over.

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I find it hard to believe that Japan is still the world's third largest economy even after all these tech company struggles.

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