The business-use camera head equipped with the 8k organic image sensor Photo: Panasonic

Panasonic unveils camcorder equipped with 8k organic image sensor

By Tetsuo Nozawa

Panasonic Corp has developed a business-use camcorder equipped with an organic image sensor capable of shooting 8k video.

A prototype of the camcorder was exhibited at a trade show on broadcast equipment in Chiba City last month. The company aims to release it in the fall of 2019.

The organic image sensor (1) can realize a "global shutter," which exposes all the pixels at the same time and reads out the data all at once, with a frame rate of 60fps, (2) has a high sensitivity, (3) has a wide dynamic range, (4) can have a stepless electronic ND (natural density) filter function and (5) has a high frame rate of 60fps.

Also, the sensor can switch between the high-sensitivity mode and high-saturation (wide-dynamic-range) mode. It is difficult to realize those features with existing inorganic image sensors using silicon (Si) photodiodes (PDs), Panasonic said.

An ND filter is a filter that evenly reduces the amount of light without changing color balance, etc.

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What part of the camera is ‘organic’?

8 ( +9 / -1 )

Rather unpleasant looking box.

2 ( +3 / -1 )

Business use ? I guess that means, no one will be able to afford one - let alone want one in that configuration.

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Kind of exciting. Typical digital cameras "scan" an image from top to bottom; the time gap is insignificant for everyday photography, but even a difference of microseconds between the top and bottom of an image for scientific photography is large. The "organic" part comes from the CMOS device, which utilizes organic molecules rather than silicone to capture images. This vastly expands the range of the spectrum which can be captured - the camera should be able to capture images beyond the human vision spectrum, and computer processing will render them visible to us. Organic components are also cheaper, lighter, and lower-cost than silicon - and recyclable.

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