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Paper exams, chatbot bans: Colleges seek to 'ChatGPT-proof' assignments


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Higher education always move slow with current change of society and technology.

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Good luck detecting AI writing, the whole point of how classes are constructed and evaluated right now is to do things efficiently with the least amount possible of effort and time. Which is not going to cut with what is currently necessary to avoid cheating with AI.

Then again if the trend of AI becoming less reliable with time because data acquisition is being done by cheaters using AI (and thus just reinforcing bias on the AI) then maybe the problem will solve itself with cheating not being useful anymore.

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AI can detect AI writing.

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AI can detect AI writing.

And as the article points out with low specificity and sensitivity, thus making it an unreliable way to stop the problem.

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AI can detect AI writing.

Perhaps you should have asked AI to check your comment against the article before posting :)

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There is a way to tackle this, as hinted in the article - a greeter emphasis on written exams, and less on regular assignments contributing to final grades. Also, asking questions that depend less on regurgitating facts and more on nuanced and applied thinking would be helpful, although this is going to harder for some subjects than others.

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AI can detect AI writing.

True. I have used AI for such purpose.

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I would not know how to use ChatGPT if I tried. I have no media platforms or smart phone and I am not sure if one could use it on a desk top computer.........ps. I am no computer dunce, and I built my own at the age of 15 and have been using computers since I was 5, 2004. But I have never, ever, felt the urge or need to join things like FB or twitter or what ever.

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Flipping homework is an option. Students do the homework in class and read/listen to lectures at their leisure.

For written homework in my ESL classes I no longer give one subject to all the students. I ask them to write about their personal experiences relating to our subject.

I also ask “What do you think about…?”

AI can’t answer those questions. Yet.

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ChatGPT is available on the web with a browser.

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I think cheaters should be expelled from education, they can't be trusted you see. There's too much tolerance of all types of dishonesty these days isn't there? Same as if a person cheats on their spouse, that type can never be trusted for anything.

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Seems like the whole idea of writing essays and handing them in to be read and marked is dead for ever.

How long before authors are feeding all their works into LLMs and producing new works, slapping their name on it and selling it.

University's are like the music industry when Napster came along.

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A % of kids have been cheating for years. Using AI, they are more likely to get caught than by getting someone to write their paper for them. Using pen and paper in an exam room or classroom should be fine, assuming kids can still write with a pen. For homework, just get them to learn stuff.

Learning how to cheat may prepare you for a career in politics, but for anything else, maybe consider your education as an opportunity to acquire knowledge and develop skills, rather than just an annoying barrier to your inevitable greatness. Once in work, time and opportunities to improve your skills and knowledge can be limited.

quote: Universities are like the music industry when Napster came along.

Not quite. Unis are repositories of knowledge, resources and opportunity. But they will need to up their game in offering value for money and shifting from long courses in terms to shorter full year courses. That's a good thing. People are paying too much for traditional uni courses.

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Certainly, ChatGPT is a great tool for humans to excel and explore the boundaries. But at the same time it has demerits which should be addressed. One day will come when humans will be slave to AI.

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