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Paris aims to beat Olympic traffic with flying taxis


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Why this persistence with calling these things ?"airborne taxis"?  Surely they are just another form of helicopter?  So will be prohibitively expensive.  And also will need to be risk assessed for compliance with all sorts of flight restrictions over urban areas......

Or am I missing something?

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It seems all of the perspective companies looking to market electronic VTOL taxis miss the target. Most trips people make are not via taxi but via personally owned vehicles. Mass transit is the next biggest personal transport mechanism. These companies seem to think everyone will ditch personal ownership of transportation and pay for taxis everywhere. That will never happen and until the light bulb goes off in their heads that they need to market these EV VTOL vehicles for personal ownership they cut themselves off from the most lucrative aspect of bringing these aircraft to market.

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Love this.

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I really don't like the idea of a remote machine being 100 percent in control my flight path. For one thing, sabotage becomes too easy. I also don't like the idea of hundreds of semi-autonomous aircraft flying about. One unforeseen scenario and KABOOM. And its guaranteed there will be no manual over-ride because of the possibility of theft and use for other crime.

Far more practical would be a double layered road or monorail system above it. And basically ban all personal vehicles except bicycles from the city centers with plenty of parking just outside and bicycles and bicycle taxis for hire....or just walk.

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No Blade covers ?

I don't like the idea of some Jerk off the street flying an Air Taxi. Some ground rules need to be set in place first.

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No thanks, a bike is safer..

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Where do they plan on landing that thing is congested areas?

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'Where we are going they don't need roads!' - Back To The Future

'Meet George Jetson...'

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