Sony says Aibo robot dog will soon be able to remotely monitor family members

By Kazuhiro Nogi

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and you.

Big Brother roaming around the house.

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Lol....yes Burning Bush, that was the very first thing I thought of!

cameras and internet connection.

'Aibo will soon be able to monitor family members.....for the Ministry.'

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Black Mirrors kind of stuff right there.

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I read this article to my dog and warned him that he can be replaced. He doesn't seem worried.

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Everytime I come across articles like these I can’t help but wonder: what happened to Japan? How did its society, which once functioned—for better and worse—as almost a superfamilial structure, become so atomized?

Of course, the atomization of society, not to mention the shattered human detritus laying discarded and forgotten across nations, is well in progress in the West too. Individual Japanese may be lonely, but their nation as a whole, sadly, are in thick company with various other nations composed of the lonely and marginalized.

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Because @nicolaspalacios

of this very technology, when has spying helped, like stalking it drives people apart not together, if Huawei said that in their advertising and not friendly old Sony, it would look suspicious.

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The amount of soothing satisfaction I could get from kicking that thing's head off makes me giddy.

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