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Pepper Robot to offer concierge service at Mizuho Bank


SoftBank's humanoid, emotion-sensing, rather talkative Pepper Robot will start offering concierge service at Mizuho Bank, one of the Japan's major banks, in July.

Pepper the robot, as a system, in intended to eventually have its own app store, of a sort, and right out of the gate, SoftBank Robotics is going to add a special app for Mizuho Bank.

The bank's dedicated Pepper will introduce relevant services at the bank and entertain customers while they are waiting and so on.

Source: AkihabaraNews

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How about speedy service so you don't need to wait around ... still, it would be entertaining ...

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Instead of that useless toy, they would better create a robot for work inside damaged Fukushima reactor.

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How about accepting foreign ATM cards?

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