Personal drones launch in your skies


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25 minutes flight time is great. And with four rotors and a weight of 2 lbs 8 ounces, it should be fairly stable, in winds too. In addition to DJI, Walkera and Parrot offer good products, but DJI looks the best. The Phantom 1 has the advantage of using a GoPro camera which can be detached and used for other purposes whereas the Phantom 2 camera is built in. If they added night vision and an infrared light, it could complement home security; not just take great travel video and pictures.

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Aren't these just variants on radio controlled choppers and planes? In the Us they will likely be allowed to carry their own mini-hellfire missiles as the right to bear arms is in the Constitution. could be fun.

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What of racing drones for professional and amateur enthusiast? I am planning to purchase a drone for my photography and personal pleasures; along with a hexapod for my creepy crawly needs.

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Nothing new. As someone who also flies RC plane, we had been mounting cameras on them for quite some time.

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