Pioneer to introduce new portable car navigation system


Pioneer Corp on Saturday announced the upcoming release of the Air Navi AVIC-T10, a portable car navigation system that supports communications modules and provides drivers with new communications services for the Japanese market. Pioneer said the AVIC-T10 will be a handy information terminal that can connect to dedicated communications modules to take advantage of comprehensive communications services.

The AVIC-T10 features proprietary real-time content, such as "Smart Loop traffic congestion information" that has been popular among users of Cyber Navi and HDD Raku Navi car navigation systems; and dedicated "Naviportal Services" (provided by Naviportal Corporation), allowing users access to a variety of driving information via PCs, mobile phones, and car navigation systems.

Destinations and routes can be preset on the PC or mobile phone site. In addition, the Car Navi Site, the world's first website dedicated to car navigation, helps users find information about local events, weather, etc, both prior to and during their drive.

Pioneer plans to launch the new Air Navi AVIC-T10 in early June.


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Japan GPS units are overpriced and a huge rip-off.

Has anyone ever seen a J GPS unit for under 2 "man"?

TOMTOM sells for about 125 Euros and can be updated on your PC, allows sharing of info with other members, address corrections etc.

It's a crying shame they won't let TOMTOM into Japan, that and our "shaken" system for autos is another example of the shoddy way the Japanese consumers are treated.

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It's to make up for not having 50%+ tax rates like most of Europe.

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