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PlayStation TV to hit U.S. in October


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I wonder how they want to compete with Chromecast, AppleTv and now also Microsoft TV, they're too late.

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@papigiulio - ~700 games at launch. This appears to be a little more than what chromecast/appletv/mstv is. Sony has been building a ps1/2/3 video game digital streaming/renting service for quite some time. This one top of general tv/movie streaming puts this box in a slightly different class.

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PlayStation TV is a totally different device from Chromecast, Apple TV and the rest. It's not a device to watch movies. It's a PlayStation Vita that can only be played on your tv. It also allows you to watch movies and other media. Plus if there are two tv's in your house but the PlayStation 4 is connected to the tv others are watching, the PlayStation TV can stream can stream the PS4 gaming session to the other tv the PS4 is not connected.

PlayStation TV is a portable gaming console. You'll need a PlayStation 3 controller.

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looks sick to me. id rather buy this than apple tv or Microsofttv

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Gaming as media is still in its childhood. We have yet to see what it can do and how cool it can be. Consider the first 40 years of movies, animation, or TV; compare that with today's versions. The real shocker is applying this concept to the internet, which is still in its infancy.

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The system has proven popular since it was released in Japan

PS Vita TV doesn't sell well in Japan at all. It only sells in the triple digits for a whole month. It's barely outselling the Xbox.

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