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PlayStation, Xbox service in U.S. goes down on Christmas Day


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Meh. It will be back up soon and the principle of standing up to hackers by hosting the Interview is priceless.

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No harm done, just an annoyance. Shutting down online gaming seems pretty tame to me.

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Not only tame but also lame. Not hackers but kiddies! Why don't they make themselves useful and hack something that deserves to be hacked in the name of public interest?!

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Lizard Squad are a few losers who block up the sites with a DDoS attack. This is not hacking, this is amateur time. They probably don't have the skill to do real hacking. They have no stated intention other than to irritate others.

In contrast to the "no harm done" opinions above, people pay money to get online with Xbox to play. This is in effect stealing from the millions who pay for Xbox Live Gold service. If you use an old figure of 56M Gold members and calculate just 1 day's cost at roughly 10¢ (¥12), they are doing $5-6M of damage. That's some harm done in total.

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Yep. We were one of those families. Little kids beyond excited to get their Xbox, and parents frustrated because we couldnt get it set up for them. Congratulations Lizard Squad - you upset a bunch of little kids and drove them to - gasp! - read books for a while instead. Sure you must be proud of yourselves. Personally Id be embarrassed at being such a loser, but clearly they hold themselves to a far lower standard than normal people.

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