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Plunging cost of wind and solar marks turning point in energy transition

By Matthew Green

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A easy way would be to make it compulsory that even new built home must have sola tiles or panels. Tesla have invented a sola roof tile that looks like a roof tile, if this was installed right at the beginning, it would save thousands of yen, dollars, pounds, instead of installing a roof, then paying someone to remove these tiles then install a sola tiles, it would make a lot of sense to do it from the beginning.

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Not sure we compare the same.

Energy generation for renewables is obviously local and non controllable while carbon based fuel is not.

Also surface area necessary is surely some 10 to 100 fold more for same energy production.

Renewables can help but not replace leveled carbon fuel based powerplants.

In particular, I don't want my agricultural fields replaced by solar panels or wind farms.

I want them on buildings, parking, roads, objects or on my clothes.

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About time. I'm SICK of seeing my fellow veterans fighting for oil and getting disabled and sick for life from all these stupid wars. Enough!

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