Kishida eager to employ auto industry in decarbonization push


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Sorry to have to say it, but there is like no way in the world that Toyota will become a green company, even if it really wants to be, which it doesn't. It wants to go on selling great chunks of mined and refined metal and solidified hydrocarbons that operate on yet more polluting hydrocarbons or mined lithium for just as long as it can and hope that we now and our kids will pay the true costs of this while it reaps the profits now. This is the reality.

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Wanting economic growth and decarbonization at the same time? That doesn’t even work in paper theory, therefore also not in practice. It only leads to getting none of both.

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When a paradigm shift away from the private motor car is absolutely necessary, more cars being manufactured, of any type, is not getting to the root of the problem - it’s reaffirming the legitimacy of the same old system that got us to this point.

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If Kishida is talking only about "Japanese" Auto Industry, there is "no push" for Carbon Neutral/De-carbonization. None here understood or not even ready to understand.

Wait and Watch is what JOEMs are doing. All eyes set focused towards European OEMs for initiatives and its results.

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it’s reaffirming the legitimacy of the same old system that got us to this point.

But, haven't you heard, yokohamarides, any alternative to the system is labelled as ... scare quotes ... "socialism"? We and they must be allowed to carry on whatever the consequences, which can be downplayed anyway. The so-called "experts" are in bed with the socialists anyway to deny our freedom. Taking away our motor cars is the very emblem of that!

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Toyota was once the greenest auto-maker on the planet having successfully commercialized hybrids. The Prius had become the status symbol for environmental warriors and its fleet had the lowest total carbon emission because its top selling car was the diminutively sized Corolla. Then it got complacent......

It sold its (small) stake in Tesla, didn't even bother to develop an EV specific platform, despite Panasonic intel saying EV growth was just around the corner (don't they share info in bars any more?). When it finally did have an EV it was based on ICE know how and parts bin. What ever happened to the old Toyota and Honda that used to tear down Euro and improve it bolt by bolt, panel by panel?

IMHO, just another victim of hanging around other ICE makers and suffered from pack mentality. Tesla now has a 15 years head start, and it looks like they're all too proud to even copy Tesla. How on earth do they even compete when their (and I mean all of them, espeicially Porsche, BMW, Mercedes, Toyota...big names) offerings are generally 400-500Kg heavier than the competing Tesla? Then you have the efficiency and simplicity of the motor and drivetrain. The least they could do is force their engineers to spend the next 2 years watching Munro Live tear downs.

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Electric vehicles just shift the carbon to the electrical generation source and is more inefficient from losses during transmission. Great. Burn more coal to run electric cars.

It’s like incinerators that belch massive pollution into the air at night so people can’t see it, but they look so clean in the daytime.

Hell, Tesla made almost all of its revenue for years by selling pieces of paper to other carmakers for “carbon offsets.”

The world is one big facade.

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