Pokemon Go eludes cloning attempts by big game studios


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Nintendo needs to do a freaking augmented reality game based on Zelda. Monsters are kinda well known or recognizable, you can look for items & hearts, you can solve enigma by bringing items from here to there, etc. Well, there's problem with dungeons, for sure, and fighting monsters in the wild...

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Nintendo needs to do a freaking augmented reality game based on Zelda.

And your phone keeps saying, "Hey listen!"

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They shouldn't try to come up with 'rivals' except with a completely different concept that rivals sales only. Nothing similar to Pokemon Go will reach even a fraction of the original's success. They didn't model it on anything in particular, so other companies should be able to think outside the box and come up with something new as well.

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The popularity is already starting to wane in the U.S. My nephew (who taught me about the game) stopped playing it last week.

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You are better off turning your camera off to save battery power. You do not need it to play.

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