Privacy concerns pushing people to change online behavior, poll shows

By Umberto Bacchi

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It's not just tech firms that are collecting personal data. I read my local supermarket's online privacy statement and discovered that my shopping habits would be analysed, my religion and other attributes inferred, and sold to third parties.

No thanks. I'll do my shopping there in person and pay by cash.

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I found funny people are afraid to give information that are "public" : names, gender, age ...

I am afraid data collect about info which can be true for a moment only (an opinion within a context, sex orientation...) or that allows others to use your personal right (credit card number or social security number..).

Indeed GAFA are data dealers (as drug dealers). So I try my best to fool them.

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If one dare to write and fight for , what one belives. Why is secrecy needed ???.

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Turn off Google search history and tracking or use another engine like duck duck go. VPN's and browsers like TOR and Epic.

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well... lessee... Sprint I.E. softbank will withhold your cc # in case you cancel your contract. The other option would be that you allow them to withhold it. So... basically you will withhold the info with or without my permission? Piss off!

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If one dare to write and fight for , what one belives. Why is secrecy needed ???

To avoid losing their job, getting arrested, getting beaten up, getting their family or children arrested, or getting all of them killed. Those are just off the top of my head... plenty more reasons, some less life threatening.

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VPNs and characters online. Stop treating Facebook as forum for real people and make it a forum of what people wanna be (their character). Too many data misuses and breaches, both corporate and govt.

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