Privacy missteps cast cloud over digital assistants

By Rob Lever

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"If law enforcement gets a warrant, it could turn your Echo into a listening device."

Do US government departments such as Homeland Security, NSA, CIA even need a warrant?

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This was the concern since day one.

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Amazon... ... uses human assistants to improve the artificial assistants

Right so AI is just a scam to get ordinary people to help for free to develop products they don't need.

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Forget Big Brother... Your Smartphone is listening, I wouldnt be surprised to find out that some malicious developer within one of those Companies has created a dark-web (intranet) for fun project web site that shows how many Customers are having sex at any point in time, vs those simply masturbating (broken down by Male/Female/Unknown)... that's that type of sick thing you often hear of and... I wouldn't be surprised to see revealed at some point.

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