Private enterprises look for ways to relieve TEPCO’s burden


Ever since Mori Building Co diverted approximately 4000Kw electricity from its luxurious commercial complex Roppongi Hills to 1,100 households in Tokyo starting from March 18, several other private enterprises have jumped in the same boat and offered TEPCO a hand.

Sumitomo Metal Industries Ltd resumed operations of its Ibaraki Kashima power station, which was stopped in the earthquake aftermath, on March 26y, and began generating electricity with full capacity, now sustaining approximately 15% (475,000Kw) of Ibaraki Prefecture’s power demand.

Tokyo Gas has made efforts to become fully self-sustainable, relying on power from four self-generated power plants and LNG (liquefied natural gas) imports from abroad, offering TEPCO the priority in power supply within the country.

JR East also maximized its Kawasaki power plant supply and by March 17, it had generated 620,000Kw, of which the company diverted 210,000Kw to TEPCO.

Meanwhile, TEPCO is hoping recovery of its power plants in Ibaraki and Kanagawa prefectures, will ease the ongoing pressure and stress from the changing rolling power outage schedules and power shortage.

The government is hoping that other self-sustained companies will offer similar assistance as the demand for electricity is expected to surpass 8,500,000Kw nationwide over the summer.

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Nothing like giving a criminal the keys to their handcuffs.

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Sounds great. No more need for TEPCO anymore then. Nationalise it, then hand the TEPCO business over to others who will do a safer job.

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"I hope she grow up to be pretty and kind person :)"

Who cares if she's pretty.... so long as she's kind.

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LoveUSA: You sound like you are speaking from experience. People are kind to kind people, regardless of gender. Someone who would be kind to someone else based on their looks alone is not kindness, it's stupidity. Please tell me you recognize the difference.

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Private enterprises look for ways to relieve TEPCO’s profit's!

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So, does that mean that Mori Building Co should make a subsidiary energy company and call itself Mori Electric Power Co., or MEPCO?

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Some positive news! (Now I just need to learn to avoid reading the comments.)

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Finally some good news! TEPCO and this Fukushima mess just shows us what a bunch of idiots run Tokyo Electric CO. Time to break up this monopoly!

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