Pulling the plug: Apple's Watch a boost for wireless charging


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Can someone please tell Geoff Gordon that Star Trek is not real, it's fiction.

Having a simple charging mat in a home where anyone can lay their devices to be charged is easy, far less complicated than individual wall-wart chargers.

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Geoff Gordon has a good point about Star Trek. In Star Wars (which take place "long long time ago"), you see droids charging with cable. Cables are a thing of the past.

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Panasonic's Chargepad overcomes one of the limitations of wireless charging - there are sensors on it to detect where you have put the phone and it will move the charging coil to that location - works brilliantly - i just put my QI enabled phone and mobile battery haphazardly on the pad and it will charge both by the next day (it charges one device at a time - locating the other once it has finished charging the first)

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