Push for smart guns builds on embattled past

By Adam Geller

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Good idea. Add a breathalyzer "lock" and watch shootings drastically decline.

An even better idea is study the way job opportunities and investment in schools and sports parks have helped reduce the murder rate in Juarez, Mexico, within two years down 70% from a world's deadliest 2,400 victims in 2010. 700 victims is still far too many, but the sharp fall shows progress is possible when federal support gets rolling.

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Won't matter as these products won't be successful in the marketplace. Nothing will change, nothing will ever change.

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Yes, let's add a breathalyzer lock on there. Cause we all know that these massacres were committed by drunk individuals. We also know that having your non-drunk buddy blow on it, will never happen.

Murder rate in Juarez, Mexico didn't fall from schools or sports parks being built. Like drug cartels care about that whatsoever. It's because the Sinaloa drug cartel beat down the Juarez cartel to gain control of the city. Once they gained control, the violence went down.

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The hue and cry over gun control came out of the shootings at Sandy Hook, although there have been countless shootings in the urban areas for decades and nobody paid the slightest attention. All this attention to gun violence came because it happened in the suburbs, if this occurred in an urban school would there be a cry for gun control? Children are still dying due to gun violence in the cities of America. How many of these parents, whose children died through gun violence in the urban war zones, were invited to plead for gun control?

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