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Rakuten Games launches HTML5 social gaming platform


Rakuten Games Inc, a Rakuten Group company, on Tuesday announced the official launch of RGames, a social gaming platform that offers HTML5 games for users in Japan to enjoy on their smartphone or through the browser on their PC.

RGames offers a diverse lineup of free-to-play titles, including original titles developed by the company, such as “Don Don Dragon,” as well as new titles incorporating the IP of several major Japanese publishers. These include “Pac-Run,” a side-scrolling runner game based on Bandai Namco Entertainment Inc’s “Pacman” series, realized through Bandai Namco’s IP Opening Project, and “Invader Blast,” a shooting game jointly developed for RGames with Taito Corporation, based on the company’s “Space Invaders” title originally released in 1978. The games feature intuitive controls, making them accessible and enjoyable for both gaming fans and casual gamers alike.

The RGames platform also incorporates a variety of social features, allowing users to compete on scores and share gameplay videos, as well as challenges which users can earn rewards for completing, creating a more social gaming experience and promoting communication between users. In addition, “Medals,” the virtual currency used for purchasing in-game items, can be bought with Rakuten Super Points.

As the games are developed in HTML5, they can be played on a variety of devices, including smartphones, tablets and PCs, without the need for the user to download any software or updates, creating a frictionless play experience.

“While Japan’s game industry is a global leader, there is still potential for growth, and we believe that much of this growth will come from the use of HTML5,” commented Shigenori Araki, CEO of Rakuten Games. “We hope to change the way people view web content and close the gap between web and native apps to become the first HTML5 game platform upon which users from all around the world can interact with each other.”

“Rakuten’s significant web presence and dedicated users make it perfectly positioned to leverage our technology to enter the mobile gaming market completely outside of the traditional app store approach. This is well positioned to be the biggest paradigm shift in recent years in Japan,” said Michael Carter, CEO of Blackstorm Labs Inc and board director of Rakuten Games.

“Rakuten Games is primed to disrupt the industry,” added Ernestine Fu, independent board director of Rakuten Games. “Rakuten’s huge audience in key monetization demographics, access to IP in Japan, and superior alternative to the app stores make this initiative a game changer.“

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Flash use to be big and on the PC I suppose it still is. But sadly not for the cell phones. With Flash you literally had 100s if not thousands of games all for free with no limitations. With the Play Store and others, some games are free, but most allow for microtransactions that need to be paid if you expect to get anywhere in the game. I have heard there is a work around to get Flash on a cell phone, but takes a bit of doing. A shame really.

Hopefully this new system works well and people around the world can enjoy.

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That's why Japan is a leader in game industry, they do everything to stay on the top

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It's fantastic news. Japan always was a leader in game industry and o they find the way to connect users from the whole world. I will wait for this innovation platform to try but for now I continue playing small games on . A perfect escape from work routine:)

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HTML5 social gaming platform

I don't even know what that means. Maybe Rakuten should focus on real life.

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