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Rapidus last opportunity to put Japan back on global chip map, chairman says

By Hiroshi HIYAMA

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A day late and a dollar short. Construction has only just begun and full scale operations won't begin until at least 2027. Government bureaucracy is too slow, declining birth rate means that there will be less young engineers to choose from, and the all too many earthquakes are some real obstacles facing Rapidus. At least the chairman seems to know when he said that Japan is almost a decade too late. Not sure if Kishida and his gang understands, they seem to think that just throwing money at it is the cure all.

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Rapidus is dead on arrival.

Foundry industry requires not just the fab, but an army of design houses who actually produces designs compatible with target fab in accordance with OEM's requirements.

This is why Samsung is struggling to compete against TSMC, because while Samsung's 3nm fab process is clearly superior to that of TSMC's 3nm, Korea has 1/10th the design house capacity of Taiwan to produce design library and designs for OEMs.

And if Korea has 1/10th the design support capacity of Taiwan, then Japan has 1/10th the design support capacity of Korea.

Thus Rapidus doesn't stand a chance in this cut throat industry, Japan's only hope is to resettle as many Taiwanese engineers as possible in Japan when China conquers Taiwan in 2027.

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Never gonna happen. They're aiming for 2nm node right off the bat?! Laughable.

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Tetsuro Higashi told AFP in an interview that he was under illusions about the challenges ahead.

If even he is under illusions, what hope is there?!

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