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Record iPhone weekend sales top 10 million: Apple


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It's like a drug now, where people are seduced into tossing away perfectly good phones to get high on the latest version, with little concern for the effects of resource extraction and increased waste.

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I just don't understand the human race, two year old overpriced technology that sells like hot cakes. Well, at least I know which people to avoid just by looking at the phone they own so I don't catch a dose of 'the gullible'.

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Total marketing from apple... whatever sounds like you sold alot of phones, first weekend, first day, first week, it changes every year so that the headline look good.

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I love my Android phone, but even I have to admit that Apple's new WAVE iOS 8 feature that enables iPhone uses to charge their batteries with a microwave is pure genius.

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Pity the kid who dropped his iPhone 6 in Perth during an interview.

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Who says people don't want larger phones

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I admire technology and its advancement but I am so proud to control myself and to learn how to wait for the right device and the right time to buy. I was one of those who own the iPhone 4s when it was first released. I passed the 5 and 5s, but I am one of the 10 million who own iPhone 6! Amazing technology! Love iOS8!

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It doesn't matter what Apple says or does there are always haters coming out fromunder their Android clouds to poke fun. Go ahead! Apple users don't care what you think! However, it seems Andud and Goggle l/users seem to think they are gonna make some sort of difference. I don't recall any Andud phone selling 10 million units in a single weekend, do you? Are you sure it's just an action of the sheeple? Maybe, just maybe, iPhones are better than the rest.

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People want larger phones for one reason: Internet access. Try doing Internet access with the old iPhone 4/4S with its tiny-by-2014 standard 89 mm (diagonal) screen--it's not fun to do, especially when everything looks so tiny, even when running apps like Twitter and the access app for the LINE service. Also, people are watching a lot more live video over cellphone networks, and in that case you do want a larger screen such as those offered by the iPhone 6 models.

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Disillusioned: You're so right, of course! Funny thing is a lot of the usual haters haven't piped up yet. I guess they're DESPERATELY waiting for bad sales announcements or horrible reviews, like with Samsung products, and with all the outstanding reviews they can't say a thing.

Maria: I'm in the same boat. Passed up on a 5 and just changed in my 4S for a 6. The 4S served me very well, but it was starting to slow down, and there are a lot of great functions with the 6 release, so I went for it. Amazing.

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I went to the Softbank store today. With the campaigns going on till the end of Oct., I can actually pay LESS per month if I trade in my iPhone 5. People, take a look. I usually only upgrade every 3-4 years but this is different.

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Apple broke its sales record for an opening weekend of a new iPhone model, delivering 10 million in three days and boasting it could have sold more if it had them.

...minus the one dropped by that guy who got the first one in England and dropped it in front of news cameras.

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You think you pay less, but it is not necessarily so. You must choose either limitless phoning, in which case with your faster phone if you watch videos at all your data use will increase a lot with increased costs. If you go for the limitless data plan for 4G phones you will pay more than 3G phones and actually you need to look at Softbank's details about usage. And of course you have to pay telephone charges. Don't think Softbank is giving you a deal or how else would they be making all those profits? I'll keep my 4S. More than enough phone and what's wrong with slowing things down and enjoying the flowers and birds more?

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more they sell, more complain will get soon by users.

just wait a little more...

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I'm sure the "new" features are fantastic for iPhone users but honestly the new iPhones looks like androidified iPhones.

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Made in China but do not sell in China....................Just wandering how many Chinese will lose their jobs if Apple decides to change country of Production.

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I hope no one really tried to microwave their new iphone... lol someone is really trolling Apple users hard. Sounds like several already fell for the prank off of 4chan.

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Don't worry. Apple is not going to close Apple factories in China. Foreign companies in China love Chinese workers,

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Memo to all chuckling about the guy who dropped his phone. It was undamaged.

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Only reason in the inflated number is the trade in for the old Iphones. Let's compare facts from first quarter of 2014. Apple shipped close to 44 million iPhones worldwide for 15 percent marketshare in Q1 2014, that compares to 89 million smartphones shipped for Samsung and 31 percent marketshare during Q1 2014. Let me know who is selling more at the end of the year. Better choice is the Note 4.

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By next week there'll likely be quite a few buyers rather displeased with an unadvertised "feature" of the new handsets: backpocket flexibility. Lots of users have a habit of putting their smartphones in their backpockets, and will be horrified when they pull theirs out only to find it... not flat anymore. Don't try to unbend it either.


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The numbers for iPhone 6 sales are huge because the large number of people who owned the original iPhone 5 are coming off their two-year cellphone contracts and are getting a new phone. Given their investment in the iOS ecosystem, they would gravitate towards the iPhone 6.

(By the way, I never put a cellphone in the back pocket of pants. Not only is it risk being stolen, you also run the risk of damaging the phone, too.)

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Say it ain't so! These new iPhones can be bent irreparably with your hands or normal pressure exerted by a pants pocket? Hahaha what a piece of crap!


And how about a cheap plastic Samsung? Sorry iSheep...


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Raymond, it's not only about the back-pocket but that it's SO easily bent! Gonna be MILLIONS of bent iFone6ers!

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Disillusioned: Apple is one phone, Android is thousands of phones, compare all android devices to iphones, apple has sold 18-20% of what android has sold. People vote with their wallets.

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This is the details for iBend


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Only reason in the inflated number is the trade in for the old Iphones.

Why should that have any relevance? Very few purchasers of new phones are buying their first phone, the huge majority are replacing an old phone with a new phone - regardless of whether they are buying an android or an iphone (or a windows phone, if anyone actually buys them).

I picked up an iphone 6 today. I like it. I was worried the size would bother me when the phone was in my pocket, but it feels fine.

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Only stupids would buy a $300 dollars phone, only to keep sitting on it. It is made of aluminum, and it bends if the wrong force is applied to it. If a guy wants to buy a phone on the basis that it can be sat upon, then get a cheap thing from Samsung, at least it can be replaced by cheaper models when if finally break. I read a great comment about this: iPhone 6 - this model is not for reta**rds

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Gotta admit I am both amazed and surprised by this article, in light of how the iPhone 6 bends with a little pressure and that iOS8 is riddled with issues. Just goes to show, intelligence and "common" sense really are unevenly distributed.

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It's not bad design! It's a feature!

For cheaper phones, we can tolerate some bad designs. But for expensive phones, we're much more intolerant of bad designs. We don't pay extra hundreds of dollars for it to warp from regular activities like a cheaper phone.

This wasn't an issue before in previous iPhones - people have done the same regular activities with previous iPhones with no problem. These regular activities are not something new and just started doing. That's why people are merely doing the same regular activities again with their new iPhone 6 - they're expecting that it still won't be an issue. So why is it an issue now, when people have been doing the same things with their previous iPhones?

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