Record number of Japanese startups to be at CES 2022 in Las Vegas


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So it's OK for some people who test negative to cross borders in and out of Japan, but not for others who test negative.

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Very nice!

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Japan has no power to stop or impose any restrictions on the Japanese citizens legally including on their movement in or out of the country.

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Looks promising when so many companies are bailing at the last minute and CES itself has cut one day from its schedule.

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One of the biggest structural problems Japan is facing is the drastic drop in self employed people over the past 30 years. The percent of self employed has dropped from around 30% to around 5%. The entrepreneurial spirit that build the rich vibrant society has died.

Unfortunately, society places far too much emphasis on landing a career as a civil servant or a boring office job in a bland corporate entity. It starts at the age of 15 when society ramps up the pressure on kids to get into the "right" high school so that they can get into the "right" university and get a bland career with the "right" employer.

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Japan lack individual innovation, by just plain citizen, why Japan is falling behind technically

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