Recycling center rewards points on smart cards


Tomra Japan Co Ltd, a joint subsidiary of Sumitomo Corp and Norway's Tomra Systems ASA, has started a recycling center system for the collection and recycling of PET bottles and waste paper, installed at the Food One supermarket chain's Morino store in Machida, Tokyo. Food One operator Sanwa will also install Tomra's recycling center system at other outlets, most of which are located in Tokyo and Kanagawa.

The recycling center rewards the public with points commensurate with the amount of waste paper and PET bottles they bring in for collection. The points, accumulated on either a PASMO or Suica transportation smart card, or a Food One eco-point card, can be used when shopping at the Morino outlet. This recycling center is the first of its kind in Japan to collect both waste paper and PET bottles while at the same time allowing users to accumulate points on their transportation smart cards.

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How is the rate. One point = 1 yen for 10 PET bottles?

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I heard of a story in the UK whereby a Tesco shopping center were awarding points on their loyalty card system for recycling of certain materials(cans,bottles etc..) One newly married couple collected and redeemed enough points to pay for their honeymoon! Basically,people need some incentive like in the article to improve their recycling capabilities.great idea.

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Hrm, my ward is heavy on recycling. Thus we get hit with many rules for garbage disposal.

Seems to work. Same way many wards for years sponsored composters to reduce the burnable waste. Took advantage of it years ago. Works too I needed to buy way fewer rubbish bags from the ward and they pay for the compost we produce on certain days. Granted ours reduced the waste to 10% of original size.

Seen machines at other wards that will issue discount tickets for the shop at random, etc for PET bottle recycling.

Nah, schemes like that aren't truly needed.

Anybody ever watched who picks up newspapers, etc that are put out? Hint, most of the guys are NOT paid by the goverment but will collect before the official truck comes along as they make their living that way.

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"Basically,people need some incentive like in the article to improve their recycling capabilities"

yeah they do in the uk need some incentive generally speaking as far too many lazy people...they aint as good as the Japanese

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I wonder if they would take my tv....?

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