Regulator to ban TEPCO from restarting troubled nuclear plant in Niigata


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Excellent - the NRA finally doing what it is supposed to do - NOT approving NPP operation until standards are met.

But notice the 'Get Out' clause;  A final decision will be made after the operator is given an opportunity to provide an explanation.

Maybe not quite excellent...

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TEPCO should be banned from managing a paper run better less a nuclear power plant.

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Just close it, and Tepco also please.

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"A final decision will be made after the operator is given an opportunity to provide an explanation."

Knew that was coming, and likely the Government will override the nuclear agency and allow it, despite TEPCO dismally failing yet again. And there have been numerous accidents at the plant, too, and isn't it ALSO built on a major fault line? It's amazing that TEPCO is still allowed to operate at all. But we know what's coming... they could not have known... the people responsible are gone now... they will promise complete transparency from now on.... etc. etc.

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TEPCO should have been sued not bailed out. The nuclear lobby holds Japan back from going full on renewables

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The Nuclear Liability Law limits the amount paid by a power company in the event of a nuclear accident or disaster. The power companies refused to bild the nuclear power plants without it. The limited liability is set at ¥120 billion.

The eventual cost of the nuclear disaster will be more than ¥80 trillion. Paid by the taxpayer.

The government owns 51% of TEPCO.

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Good news. Thank you

@zichi, no problem, we can raise sales tax to 20%.

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We are aready paying an additional charge in our monthly power bills.

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I have solar panels.

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