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Report: Google facing onslaught of antitrust cases in US


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I like Google. I don't care if they dominate the market. Sometimes less competition is good. Sometimes it's nice when almost everyone has the same free applications making it easier to connect with each other.

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I have found rarely in business is a product or service, that provides a choice and is not hampered by constraint that can remotely be defined free.

Google, Facebook et al are not a exception to this rule, both have skillfully cornered there chosen markets.

Both have, in turn, inspired technical prowess and innovation, that should be encouraged and respected

However, such an achievement has led to accusations that both have succumbed to an intense selfish desire to ruthlessly stifle competition, and thus by association, the very innovation, creative forces that spark the imagination to evolve and advance the technology.  

I believe that a break up into autonomous business units, is inevitable.

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Glad to hear this. Do a search for many things and the page is filled up with companies, not information. Stopped using Google as my main search engine more than a year ago. Stopped using google translate a month ago because when they change things, it just makes it worse.

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Of course competition is better for the general public, but who here actually uses Bing or Yahoo search? I sure as heck don't.

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That is a fair comment, BlackFlagCitizen,

Bing and/or Yahoo, could well be mistaken for, Kim Kardashian rattling her jewellery, combined with a toff English prep-school juvenile rhapsody.

Both are irritating and obvious.

Where does government or in this case the Federal and State regulator find a common purpose/medium?

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Monopolists are never good for the consumers be it Microsoft or Google. Personally, I think all of these online giants should be broken down into smaller companies with markets that reflect the borders and boundaries of true countries. And they should all be taxed by those countries, period.

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Finally... ...long time overdue because of the incompetence and stupidity of the United States Government...

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Good. Break up the big techs. They have too much power.

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Good, every time I watch something on youtube or eBay or another website, I get contact reminders of what I've looked at, in the form of adverts, top tip, if I want something ill go out and buy it, I don't want to be constantly bombarded with blinking adverts.

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For any readers out there, Shoshana Zuboff has some interesting things to say about this in her latest book 'The Age of Surveillance Capitalism'.

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I have no issue with google's search and search advertising. That's 100% optional. I have plenty of issues with google's tracking, gathering data without explicit approval, no way for users to have that data removed - "delete" just means "don't show to sheeple" for google's data.

All online services need an explicit opt-in. If they want to block users for refusing to opt-in, great, then we'd know our data wasn't being stolen.

Don't get me started about people choosing to use gmail for email (or other centralized email providers that scan emails for data to extend the email-address-based database). They don't care anything about the privacy of their friends and family.

Content creators and content servers should never be allowed to be the same company. Any company selling financial services (like credit cards or payment devices) should not be allowed to be in any other business at all.

Apple and google's "app stores" need to be split off from the company. Let me choose whether I want to use either nor some other app store which respects my privacy more. We should be able to remove all apple or google "apps" from our smartphones by law.

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They saw this coming and (Page and Brin) have almost completely disappeared from public view, Pichai is the one facing the heat and in all probability will be scapegoated, wonder if he saw this coming.

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Any antitrust suits on Chinese megacompanies?

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About bloody time! These big tech companies making billions of OUR INFO they should be paying US!!!

And yeah competition has disappeared pretty quick or is "bought up", add in all the censoring etc & its getting pretty bad out there on the internet, free & open...….NOT anymore it aint!!!!

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