More foreign companies in China handing over technology in exchange for market access


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Big government stealing technology to use for their own empowerment and enrichment? Whats this planet coming to?

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Traitors. All for money. We’re in a war where governments are using stolen (forced transfer of) technology against the same people that gave it to them in the first place. Governments should make it a crime for any forcefully transferred technology to be sold in the technology-native nation.

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Greed and quest to make exponentially increasing profits resulted in creating this monster "china" that the powers that created it are now finding difficult to contain.

There is a price for everything and transfer of technology is the price they have to pay to have access to the market.

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Money talks.

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If the shoe were on the other foot I'd probably want my own country to do the same.

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Money under the table or red envelopes

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EU leaders do not have balls and they are cowardly. The President Trump has confronted about the forced Foreign Company to technology transfer to a Chinese partner.

If EU leaders and Japanese leader come together with the President Trump and then Chinese Government has to change the force technology transfer practice.

The EU, Japan and the US Companies have boycotted investing in China and then Chinese Government will change its unfair practice.

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No one cared about this until Trump came along.

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Even if they do not hand over, China will get to their own advancement in due time. Look at what trump had to do with a Taiwanese company ???. Anything from America is out of date. America is a loud voice without actual goods. Pls do not think too highly of yrselves. The truth here is, China is big market and everybody wants it before they find the next cash cow.

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But companies in auto manufacturing, electronics and other industries that want to operate in China are required to be minority partners in ventures with state-owned partners, which forces them to share technology and expertise.

This forced partnership has to go - imagine foreign companies being forced to be minority partner with American companies just to enter the American market (the same for the European market)

There is no need to partner with a Chinese company if the foreign company can do it by itself

All that tech advances in foreign universities in collaboration with industries took a lot of hard work and investments - it shouldn't just be given away just because state companies couldn't put in the educational investments and flow of information

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Handing over technology is stupid.

These companies' Chinese partners will eventually use their market dominance to crush them with their own technology.

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China is really like a young misbehaved Kid - steals, cheats, & lies, bullies when it can, and runs away when under threat. And just like such a Kid, it's going to get a slapping soon enough.

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This is scandalise! why steal when you can more or less blackmail (can't get China access unless you give us your secrets). Only China (??) would go this low, imagine the US doing this!

This and the fact that China steals and copies and openly bans almost all foreign apps like Facebook, Google maps etc and you can see why so many people don't trust them. They just don't play fair

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